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Organ Restoration
R.A. Colby has performed a number of organ renovations and simple rebuilds. From the grand Austin Organ to newer OSI chestwork, Colby has the capability to transform an aging organ into a refreshed and revitalized instrument.
We will meet with you and your committee to decide on which aspects of the instrument should be rebuilt, which should be replaced/updated, and what kinds of renovations can occur to conceive an instrument with a full pallette of tonal color.
Some work can be done on-site, but a majority of organs we rebuild are brought back to our shop. Here they are disassembled, sanded, releathered, cleaned, and brought back to life. We then re-assemble the instrument and fully test the organ in our shop so when we place the instrument back in its home it will be ready to perform its wonders.
Some aspects of a renovation:
• Console re-finishing
• Reservoir releathering
• Windchest
• Swell Shade operators
• Windline upgrades
• Wiring updates
• Pipe reconditioning & revoicing
• Resource Additions

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Pipe Organ Restoration