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Pipe Organ Augmentation

New Console

In most cases, whether your current organ is fully digital, fully pipe, or a hybrid instrument we at R.A. Colby can design and build

a custom console with fully integrated interface to mesh seamlessly with your current audio arrangement. Adhering to AGO standards, implementing rugged construction, and topping off with meticulous attention to comprehensive quality, we guarantee satisfaction with a Colby console. ...more info
New Console Augmentation

Pipe Additions

In almost any scenario R.A. Colby can augment existing stoplists with additional pipework. Whether you have a fully digital organ or a 75 rank pipe organ, we can integrate any number of stops to bring the stoplist to completeness. Supplementation of both quiet and more powerful stops can permit a wide range of dynamics....more info
Pipe Organ Additions

Digital Additions

R.A. Colby can augment existing stoplists with digital pipework. Now that digital sampling systems have reached unprecedented levels of authenticity compared to the sounds of wind-blown pipes, there is no reason for compromise in your new organ....more info
Pipe Organ Additions


If the musical capacity is adequate you may be interested in enhancing the space around the organ or diguising remote audio locations. Colby can design architecturally cohesive casework and or pipework to match the space it resides in. ...more info
Pipe Organ Casework


We have the right people in house to provide artistic vision and production that enables us to offer the uniqueness you expect to your project. When we have an idea that may seem un-realistic to other builders, we dedicate ourselves to create the most resounding composition possible. ...more info

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