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AEolian Skinner opus 1480


AEolian Skinner opus 1480

Great unenclosed-- 61 pipes per rank

                                 8’ Principal prep
                                    8’ Bourdon wood
                                    4’ Octave
                                    2’ Blockflote
                                       Fourniture IV


Great enclosed--61 pipes per rank

                                 8’ Klein Erazahler
                                    8’ Klein Erzahler Celeste
                                    4’ Harmonic Flute
                                    8’ Clarinet

                                 Enclosed Great  16’
                                    Enclosed Great Unison Off
                                    Enclosed Great   4’

                                Swell to Great  16’
                                    Swell to Great    8’
                                    Swell to Great    4’

Swell enclosed--61 pipes per rank

                                 8’ Viola Pomposa
                                    8’ Viola Celeste
                                    8’ Rohrflote
                                    4’ Nachthorn
                                    2 2/3’  Quint
                                    2’ Principal
                                    16 ‘ Contre Trompette
                                    8’ Trompette   (12 pipes)
                                    8’ Clarinet    (Great)

                                 Swell               16’
                                    Swell Unison Off
                                    Swell             4’
                                    Enclosed Great to Swell   8’

Pedal 32 pipes per rank

                                 32’ Bourdon Prep
                                    16’ Major Bass Wood
                                    16’ Erzahler Great ext. 12 pipes
                                     8’  Bourdon 12 pipes
                                     8’ Spitzprincipal
                                     4’ Spitzprincipal 12 pipes
                                    32’ Cornet Derived
                                    16’ Contre Trompette Swell

                                      Great to Pedal 8’
                                          Enclosed Great to Pedal 8’
                                          Swell to Pedal 8’
                                          Swell to Pedal 4’


Enclosed Great Expression
Swell Expression
Crescendo w/ light indicator
Full Organ Reversible, Pedal and light
Full Organ Reversible Piston, Pedal and light
Great to Pedal Reversible Toe Pedal
Ivory Keys fitted with Tracker touch

ICS 4000 System w/ solid State Switching

Great          1,2,3,4,5,6
Swell          1,2,3,4,5,6
Pedal          1,2,3,4,5,6,   toestuds
General       1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8  Pistons dup toe dtuds
General Cancel

AEolian Skinner opus 1480 was built for Temple Beth El in Springfield, Massachusetts. The original specification was drawn up February 8th of 1966. Unlike most organs of the period, the stoplist reflects a romantic theme with generous scales and mild voicing.
The console is rebuilt with the latest Peterson ICS-4000 control system and Harris tilt-tabs, providing every programmable function one can think of. Solid state switching replaces the old pneumatics.
All 5 Reservoirs have been re-leathered and pouch leathers are in fine condition. The two Swell engines have also been restored. Chests are pre-wired with up to date cable.

The instrument is in the process of being setup and may be inspected at any point. It is free-standing with 2 expression boxes. The organ was professionally removed from the Temple by the Organ Clearing House and pipes are still in the trays. Original installation blue prints and contract are available.

Also available is the casework shown in the last two slides.

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