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bermuda pipe organ rebuild

Wesley Church - Hamilton, Bermuda

The Casavant Organ in this tropical setting was an excellent pipe organ and remained in the same configuration with tonal modifications and digital additions added and all contained within the existing casework.  The primary actions were completely renovated including the replacement of valves and stems.  The units were completely reassembled, adjusted and fully tested for proper operation. The offset windchests in the instrument were completely rebuilt.  That included releathering of the actions, replacement of the primaries and renovation of the packing as required.

In addition to the standard offset windchest renovation, we had windchests which required some special consideration.  These two chests were operated from the Great main windchests via lead style tubing.  This tubing oxidizes over time and is also subject to physical damage which may disrupt the operation of the windchest action.  The renovation included modifying these two offset windchests to eliminate the lead tubing and allowing them to operate in an electro-pneumatic configuration.

All reservoirs and winkers were completely recovered and adjusted for proper operation.  Internal components of each reservoir will be checked for mechanical integrity and repaired as required.


16 Double Open Diapason
8 Open Diapason
8 Clarabella
8 Gemshorn
4 Octave
4 Harmonic Flute
2-2/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
1-1/3 Fourniture IV
16 Tromba
8 Trumpet
4 Great Super

8 Melodia
8 Erzähler
8 Erzähler Céleste
8 Dulciana
8 Unda Maris
4 Spitz Principal
4 Wald Flute
2 Flageolet
1-1/3 Larigot
1 Mixture III
8 Clarinet
16 Choir to Choir
Choir Unison Off
4 Choir to Choir
8 Tuba Major

16 Bourdon
8 Open Diapason
8 Stopped Diapason
8 Viole de Gambe
8 Viole Céleste
8 Flute Céleste II
4 Principal
4 Open Flute
2-2/3 Nazard
2 Piccolo
1-3/5 Tierce
2 Plein Jeu III
16 Contra Bassoon
8 Cornopean
8 Oboe
4 Clarion
16 Swell to Swell
Swell Unison Off
4 Swell to Swell

8 Doppel Flute
8 Cellos II
4 Orchestral Flute
8 English Horn
8 Tuba Major

32 Contrabass
32 Bourdon
16 Open Bass
16 Sub Bass
16 Double Open Diapason Great
16 Lieblich Gedeckt
8 Octave
8 Bass Flute
4 Choral Bass
2 Mixture III
32 Ophicleide
16 Trombone
8 Trumpet
8 Fagotto (Sw)
4 Clairon (Sw)
4 Trombone (Ch)

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