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Prince of Peace - Largo, FL

Organ Resources
44 pipe ranks
14 digital ranks

This historic Austin Pipe Organ was originally designed by Richard Purvis for installation in the Central United Methodist Church of Stockton, California. After faithfully serving that congregation for years, the organ became available for relocation.  The musicians at Prince of Peace were aware of this exceptional instrument and purchased it for installation to complement their expanding music program.

The stop list was complemented with selected digital stops and the entire organ revoiced with careful consideration to the historic value. The instrument was mechanically restored and fit with a new console in the Aeolian Skinner Contemporary style. In addition, a custom façade utilizing large sweeping curves in all three dimensions was designed to complement the contemporary structure of the church..This exciting instrument has been used in an ongoing recital series since its completion in 2003.


16 Contra Geigen
8 Diapason
8 Harmonic Flute
8 Geigen
8 Quintaton
4 Octave
4 Flute
2-2/3 Quint
2 Doublette
III Mixture
Solo Harmonic Trumpet (Choir)
16 Great to Great
Great Unison Off
4 Great to Great

8 Chimney Flute
8 Viola
8 Viola Celeste
8 Dolce
8 Unda Maris TC
4 Principal
4 Koppel Flute
2-2/3 Nasard
2 Principal
1-3/5 Tierce
8 English Horn
8 Vox Humana
8 Clarinet
8 Solo Harmonic Trumpet
16 Choir to Choir
Choir Unison Off
4 Choir to Choir

8 Violin Diapason
8 Concert Flute
8 Gambe
8 Principal
4 Flute Traverso
2 Piccolo
III Mixture 2’
16 Contra Fagotto
8 Trumpet
8 Oboe
4 Clarion
8 Solo Harmonic Trumpet (Choir)
16 Swell to Swell
Swell Unison Off
4 Swell to Swell

32 Bourdon
16 Diapason
16 Contra Geigen (Great)
16 Flute (Choir)
16 Lieblich Gedeckt
8 Octave
8 Principal
8 Geigen
8 Bourdon
8 Flute (Choir)
4 Choral Bass
4 Fifteenth
32 Contra Trombone
16 Trombone
8 Trumpet
4 Clarion

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