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Cameron Carpenter Touring Organ

R.A. Colby is pleased to be a part of an exciting project bringing life to Cameron's long held vision of a custom designed touring organ. With four generations of experience, Colby has been honored to participate in the design and engineering of this specialty project.

As you might expect, well before any work is begun in the shop, the Colby team of design professionals invest substantial time in understanding the expectations of the project from several perspectives. Round table meetings provide concept and construction considerations. While understanding that the primary consideration is a musical instrument; the arduous life this instrument will live is also a critical concern. It must be suited to travel the world while maintaining unflagging reliability to support Cameron's artistic expressions.

Custom designed and engineered with extended pedal compass, piston matrix designs and specialty considerations for the world venue; this console explodes the boundaries of traditional instruments.

R. A. Colby is appreciative of the opportunity to work with an outstanding visionary to bring a dream to reality. This is an exciting instrument which will open a new era of organ performance.


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